Unicorns - Newbies Guide To SwingingWhat is a Unicorn? Swingerdictionary.com determines it a slang for a single, generally bisexual female that participates in the swing lifestyle. Referred to as a “Unicorn” because they are so rare, they are also the most sought after in the lifestyle.  Being a single lady, or Unicorn in the lifestyle can be a rewarding experience, it can also garner benefits from a couples perspective.  Although these women are rare, they are not hard to find.  The benefits of being a single swinging woman in the lifestyle are amazing. When a swinger party is thrown the usual is a free entrance for single ladies. Unicorn’s will more than likely get their drinks for free and they can have the pick of any couple, or man at the event at most given times.

When Unicorns are at a swinging event, be honest. What this means is, if you are or are not bisexual, let the couple or Unicorn know this up front. If you are not honest up front it can irritate people and cause trouble. Some women actually like to share their male partners with a straight woman as there are many fetishes and turn-on for each individual.

Unicorns need to be respectful of couples and their boundaries and since they are single some ladies may be cautious of you, especially if you are not bi. Just be sincere about your desires, and be sure to address any concerns that the couple may have with you. Again don’t pretend to be bisexual if you are not just to have sex with a guy.

Unicorns probably have the most fun in the lifestyle, they can have one man, one woman or both please her, while the couple will also be pleased at the same time. Unicorns have the advantage of a no strings attached relationship, and therefore do not need to abide by a spouses rules. But most importantly, if you are a couple, you need to abide by the rules you and your partner have agreed upon. Unicorns although rare, are not hard to find, especially in the digital age. Swinger sites like SwingLifeStyle have so many members, and it’s recognized as the largest swingers site.  With that in mind, finding one will be easier than you think.  The hard part is setting it up, again just as Unicorns need to be honest, you as a couple need to be honest. Some Unicorns may only want a bisexual experience with the wife, so be honest with everyone across the board.

Unicorns - Newbies Guide To SwingingSome readers have written in on this subject telling me they can not find one, but when questioned, they can’t find one that will play with them by their rules. Again some Unicorns may only want to play with one partner, some may want both of you, or just the husband.  Make sure everyone is on the same page, if one of the three of you are not comfortable, then move on to the next. Think about the kind of person who would be compatible with you and your lifestyle. Go over your wants, What do you enjoy? What do you believe? What do you want to share with this person? Give up the assumption that you’ll find one person who will fit with both members of a couple. It might happen, it might not, don’t be disgruntled or lower your standards. Keep in mind that just knowing that a couple is specifically looking for a bi female to be with them sexually is enough to send most single bisexual females running. You know why?

Because there are too many couples looking for threesome, they are not interested in a particular woman because of whom she is, they want a female to have sex with. This is where you have to be honest and be subtle and not too pushy for either party. The single ladies get blasted with emails, even hate mail. Unicorns complain that too many couples and single males send hate mail if they are turned down. One email will suffice, and make sure you are honest, and your letter resembles your profile. The last thing you want is an email to a Unicorn looking for a bisexual threesome and your profile is listing the wife as being straight. Abide by the above aforementioned and you will have a fun mystical journey as a Unicorn or with a Unicorn in the lifestyle.

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