The Cuckold

Couples Question - The Cuckold Dear LifeStyle Counselor,

My wife and I have had a fetish for quite some time and we feel weird about our fetish. We both want to be cuckolded by an alpha male, how normal is this?

Signed The Cuckold


Dear Cuckold,

What you are explaining is nothing new, nor is it abnormal; several people are now embracing the cuckold concept within the lifestyle. The lifestyle has many fetishes, over the past few years the cuckold fetish has escalated and many couples are embracing this type of play. Couples on swinger websites are looking for partners to swap, but do you ever see couples looking for single men? The couples that look for single men are interested in a man to have sex with the wife while the husband joins or watches. Some are bisexual and looking for play; some others, believe it or not, advertise that they are looking to be cuckolded. Remember everyone has their own fetish and it is best to embrace it, as long as no one gets hurt and it is perfectly safe.


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