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Dear LifeStyle Counselor,

We have been swinging for about 4 years and noticed that my sex drive has decreased ever since I started on birth control. In the beginning we loved the adventure of sex but lately I do not want to nor am I interested in sex. Advice?

Signed No Sex Drive


Dear No Sex Drive,

What you are explaining is perfectly normal. Sometimes birth control can and will destroy your sex drive. You may want to talk to your doctor about obtaining a different prescription. Some women lose their sex drive when on birth control and part of the reason is because the clitoris can become reduced in size by up to 20%. Some women take the prescription route; some use herbs or supplements like Libidra to kick start their sex drive while others use condoms. This is up to you, but in the mean time let your husband know that you are concerned about what the pill is doing to your desire.


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