Lifestyle Interviews: Lovers

Swingers View-Lifestyle Interviews-LoversHow long in the LifeStyle?
6 years

What is your relationship?
Married 10 years

How did you get started?
After “sharing our thoughts” about this exciting way to expand our sexual horizon, we decided to take the first step by placing an ad in a swingers magazine. It took a while until we finally had our “first date.” Although there was no sexual interaction, we both felt inspired and our sex life became much more exciting. Eventually the right couple came along and we had our first “real experience.”

What do you enjoy most about the LifeStyle?
One of the best things about it is, that we became best friends. Being able to share our sexual thoughts and fantasies with each other and eventually fulfilling
them as well, is a wonderful thing.  In those 6 years we’ve met lots of interesting people and developed relationships that go beyond swinging. That is definitely something, that we enjoy about the Lifestyle!

What do you enjoy least about the LifeStyle?
Occasionally, you come across some disrespectful people, who don’t understand what “NO” means.  Well, that’s truly not enjoyable and can ruin a precious evening

What’s the most exciting place you’ve done it?
There have been quite a few, but for us it’s not the place, that makes the excitement, it’s the people we play with.

Which do you prefer in others, a Friendship or a Sexship?
That depends… Lets say, you start off with a good “Sexship” (that’s why we’re all in the Lifestyle, right?), chances are, you find out that you have more things in common than just Sex and a friendship develops from there… well then the friendship is a big, precious bonus! So, in other words: Although friendship is certainly something precious and hard to find, we do not mind a good “Sexship” to start with.

Any advice for others, or those new the LifeStyle?
In the beginning it is important to set some rules. By doing this, you will avoid getting into situations where you’re not comfortable.

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