Lifestyle Interview: Rick & Vicki

Lifestyle Interview: Rick & Vicki LifeStyle Nicknames:

Nick names, no not really. We are among the lucky ones who are able to be totally out about the lifestyle. I guess we have been for 5 to 6 years. We use our real names and people know us simply as Rick and Vicki.

How long in the LifeStyle?

We’ve been in the lifestyle for about 20 years now.  We’ve taken time off here and there but love the people, the positive energy and acceptance that you find in the lifestyle. It’s a running joke that we started in the lifestyle before we were lucky enough to have the internet. So it meant heading to some seedy porn shops to pick up the latest Swingers Magazine in the hope that we would find others like us. These were the days of chat lines and voicemail boxes. Wow, have times changed.

What is your relationship?

We’ve been married for 22 years. We actually met at work, and ended up getting married four months after our first date. They say when it’s right it’s right. I guess they are correct in that. Its funny most of the people that knew us from work thought we were doomed and would end up divorced in a very short time. Here we are 22 years later having watched many of them go through multiple marriages and divorces and the crazy “swinger” couple lives on… Who would have thought?

How did you get started?

After being married a couple years we were laying in bed one night watching a pornographic movie, most specifically a girl – girl scene and I reached over to touch Vicki and she was as wet as I had ever felt her. That led to some in depth conversations which led to the possibilities of adding another woman to the mix. As we all know, one thing leads to another and eventually we tried swinging. Actually our first full swap experience was a short time later and wasn’t what we would considered the greatest, so much so we actually ran away from the Lifestyle for some time. But we did learn a lot from that first experience, the most important of which was to take it at our own pace, no matter what, and our comfort zone was what truly mattered. We eventually decided to take another crack at swinging but at a slightly slower pace this time. From then on, it has been great. While we may have experienced a bump in the road, early on, we know we are where we want to be and are enjoying the Lifestyle together.

What do you enjoy most about the LifeStyle?

Friendship, hands down. We have to say we are lucky that we have an amazing group of very close friends.  Many true friends that will be there for life is really an added bonus for us. They have helped us open up our club, Tabu. They’ve helped us in our personal lives.  They all just seem to be there for each other and there when you need them. There really isn’t this same level of friendships outside of the Lifestyle. It may have been the sex that brought us to the lifestyle but it is the friendships that keep us here.

Lifestyle Interview - Rick & VickiWhat do you enjoy least about the LifeStyle?

That’s a hard question. Being club owners we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates to the lifestyle. We have seen people at their best and at their worst. At the end of the day, we love the lifestyle and all that it has to offer. We have a great business, amazing friends and the opportunity to share these things with each other. What more could anyone ask for?

What’s the most exciting place you’ve done it?

Wow, having been in the Lifestyle for quite some time, we have “explored” many exotic places. I suppose if we have to pick one, it would be in Jamaica. We were staying at the Hedonism II resort and a group was having a beach party, not on the resort. We thought it sounded like fun so we went. It was primarily a group of Lifestylers but not exclusively. The food was great, there was live entertainment, the drinks were flowing and so were the juices. As we sat there getting more and more aroused, we just had to find somewhere to go and there it was, just down the beach, a long pier that just kind of disappeared into the night sky. We casually got up and just wandered off trying not to draw too much attention, we strolled down the beach, looking over our shoulders to see if anyone was watching, getting more and more excited with every step in the sand. We walked to the end of the pier, sure that the group could not see us although we could clearly see them. We were all over each other like 2 horny teenagers. When we were done, we slowly made our way back to the beach party absolutely convinced that we had just gotten away with something only to be greeted by a rousing round of applause by the entire group apparently they could see us after all.

Which do you prefer in others, a Friendship or a Sexship?

I suppose, like most we were originally looking more for sexship than friendship. As time passed and we ventured more and more into the Lifestyle community we realized that we actually enjoyed hanging out more with our “Lifestyle” friends than our “Vanilla” friends. As more time passed, we don’t really have any “Vanilla” friends anymore. So I guess the answer is Friendship.

Any advice for others, or those new to the LifeStyle?

The best advice that we can give is to make sure that you and your partner (assuming you have one) are on the same page. Tread lightly and slowly, making sure that each of you are comfortable with everything that you are doing or contemplate doing. Be totally honest with one another as keeping secrets or telling lies is not, at all, what the lifestyle is about. After all, this should be about fun, new experiences and sharing them together. If you follow those simple guidelines, you will have some of the most amazing times of your life together.

Rick and Vicki
TABU Lifestyle Club

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