Letters from our Readers

Hello LifeStyleMagazine,

We have been subscribers since your first issue of LifeStyle Magazine in 2004. We were delighted to receive the Winter and Spring 2012 issues and we are happy to see the magazine for and by swingers continue to publish.

To our knowledge, this magazine is the only magazine in North America that caters to swinger Lifestyle couples like us. We have been swinging as a couple for quite some time and we truly enjoy reading the articles on swinging that included The History of Swinging, Top Ten Reasons to be a Swinger, Soft Swinging, Swinging Etiquette and other topics that benefit newbie couples as well as seasoned swingers that partake in sexual activities up to and including intercourse with the mate of another couple for full swap and total enjoyment of all sexual pleasures.

We have been reading every issue of the magazine from cover to cover. After we are done reading we put the magazine on the coffee table or another visible spot in our home for when we socialize with other couples. We invariably get the couples leafing through the magazine and asking questions related to swinging. We let the couple borrow the issue for the husband’s/wife’s reading pleasure in the privacy of their bedroom. The magazine is a great help in dispelling prevalent misconceptions about couples swinging, socializing and swapping mates for sexual pleasures that may include intercourse with each others mate. Your magazine helps couples who are ambivalent about swinging take the leap and join the swing community.

Keep up the good work.

Sahaja Couple

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