Hedonism Jamaica

LifeStyle Travel - Hedonism Jamaica What can we say about Hedo that hasn’t already been said many times? Well to start with we want to confirm that the resort has in fact come under new ownership/management. The General Manager of the last two decades, Kevin Levee (who will remain managing) and Jon Goss of Fluffernutter fame, now the CEO, have an equity stake in this resort and we feel strongly that they are passionate about keeping the same flavor and tone that has made Hedonism what it has come to be.

For those who are new to the lifestyle travel industry, Hedonism is the quintessential clothing optional resort that lifestylers from all walks of life, as well as all socioeconomic backgrounds, seem to find their way into at one time or another. Many of these folks make it a point to go there every year for a specific event because there is something about the flavor of the Hedonism experience that causes people to want to return over and over again.

Topless Travel has 2 large events there each year. “Pure Pleasures” the first week of November and “Swingers Break” the first week of April. The resort is always sold out several months in advance of these events and our rates for these group events are always substantially lower than buying directly from the resort. Besides having the advantage of lower rates we have special services, incentives, and offerings for guests who book thru our office. Additionally, we partner with several other groups that do events though-out the year so if November and April aren’t convenient times, we have discounted rates at other times as well; however, our staff and entertainment wouldn’t be there then. Come join us at the infamous HEDONISM!

For more information about Hedonism in general, or to book one of our events, you can call our office at 877-90-SWING or go to www.ToplessTravel.com

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