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Welcome to LifeStyle Magazine. The LifeStyle is exploding, growing faster than ever before. Let us accompany you down the path to sexual freedom.

LifeStyle Magazine is a unique on and offline publication and presented as the first high quality, full color, informative and educational magazine of its kind. Starting back in 2004, LifeStyle Magazine has decided a reboot of the offline magazine, with a total revamp of a user friendly website to present to you. Designed for by those in the LifeStyle, this magazine brings the real world of swinging to a new level. There are plenty of personal ad magazines, we’re not trying to add another. Rather, we are offering readers a place to read about the happenings of the lifestyle, the amazing adventures that others are experiencing, and help for those that are interested in getting started.

All the clubs, resorts, conventions and the like were individually contacted and selected in order to present only accurate and quality information. Any clubs/conventions/resorts that are not listed have either not responded, or have chosen to be excluded. If you’re interested in getting listed, or helping us put together the very best magazine possible, please contact us.

The future of the LifeStyle is bright and we feel confident that LifeStyle Magazine will deliver the highest quality information available. Recent internet surveys show Swinglifestyle, the largest swingers site averages 300,000 visitors a day, which is nearly 9 million visitors a month. LifeStyle Magazine is the public voice for this infamous society. We cater exclusively to the LifeStyle, and avoid advertisements or articles that do not have a connection to it. This is the place to read about the people, places and events that make the LifeStyle what it is.

Make sure to become a subscriber or sign up for our newsletter for additional resources. Subscribers have the magazine mailed to them directly in discreet packaging, with no mention of whats inside. Make sure to keep an eye out for the magazine at your favorite swinger club, convention or lifestyle related resort. Quantities are limited, so subscribe to receive your copy.

Clubs, resorts, conventions and event planners! Contact us for your free listing in the magazine as well as joining us at a distribution point online and off.